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Name:EPT20-15EHJ Walkie Power Pallet Truck
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Release the handling strength, reduce the handling cost, decrease manual work

High stability
EP patent 4.5mm thickness rib fork and high strength frame
Global Pioneer designed switch handle and controller system, revolutionary reduce the electronic parts defects rate; Unique drive system with high energy-efficiency to increase the reliability deeply
Fitted with hydraulic pump from HPT, reduce the hydraulic system defects rate
Reverse-back button, emergency stop button, slope antiskid resistance, drive wheel cover to increase the safety of the operator

Easy operating and maintenance
The most compact design, with small turning radius to save the operating and working space
Ergonomic design switch box for accurate and easy operating

1.2 Model designation   EPT20-15EHJ
1.3 Drive unit   Semi-electric
1.4 Operatortype   Walkie
1.5 Load capacity Q (kg) 1500
2.1 Service weight kg 140
3.1 Tyre type   PU
4.4 Lift height h3 (mm) 115
4.15 Fork lowered h13 (mm) 85
4.19 Overall length l1 (mm) 1580
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 (mm) 560
4.22 Fork dimensions s/ e/ l (mm) 50/150/1150
4.25 Outside fork width b5 (mm) 560/685
4.33 Aisle width,1000×1200 pallet crossways Ast (mm) 1697
4.34 Aisle width,800×1200 pallet crossways Ast (mm) 1697
4.35 Outer turing radius Wa (mm) 1380
5.1 Travel speed,laden/unladen km/ h 3.5/4
5.8 Maximum gradeability, laden/ unladen % 3/6
6.1 Drive motor rating S2 60 min kW 0.65
6.4 Battery voltage/rated capacity V/ Ah 24/30
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