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Name:NPSL10 NPSL20 super-low pallet truck
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1. Superlow-profile pallet trucks are suitable to carry Low-profile pallets and work at narrow space workplace;
2. Cylinders welded under high strength are applied, thus its descending speed will not be affected by loading weight;
3. Imported seals and piston-rod plated with chrome are used;
4. Internal spill-valve provides overload protection to largely reduce maintenance costs;
5. High-quality radial roller-bearings at rotating-shaft connection are adopted for high Flexibility and stability.
6. Integrated casting wheel-frame, together with front and rear guide wheels is employed to protect assembled wheels against impact for extended wheel life;
7. Installation is simple; equipment is delivered at unassembled status.
Rated Capactity (KG) 1000 2000
Width over forks (MM) 520 1150
Fork length (MM) 1150 1150
Min. Fork Height (MM) 35 51
Max. Fork Height (MM) 95 141
Steering wheel (MM) ∮ 150x62 Polyurethane 180x62 Polyurethane
Load Wheel ∮ 34x68 (Tandem) Iron ∮ 50x70 (Tandem) Iron
Weight (kg) 68 74
Under Clearance (mm) 40 mm 40 mm
Fork Width (mm) 150 mm 150 mm
Width inside forks (mm) 220 mm 220 mm
Stroke length (mm/stoke) 10 10
Overall Height (mm) 1150 1150
Overall Leight (mm) 1500 1500
Steer Angle 230 deg 230 deg
Drive Unit Length (mm) 370 370
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